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Virtue VIO

After many months of R&D, Virtue has finally released the VIO. We have been lucky enough to test them on field and see what Virtue have been shouting about [...]

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Bunker Kings is back

At the Millennium Series Bitburg, we discovered the brand Bunker Kings revived day by Maximus Lundqvist. Many products are already available, t-shirts, grips, butts, headbands [...]

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Magazine: Invisible #42

The new INVISIBLE soon as Kiosks and tablet and smartphone.

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Paintball X3 Russia – May

The second issue of Paintball X3 Russia has released on the internet, in Russian and free. [...]

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New Techshirt from Raza

These new shirts RAZA tech have been designed with lightweight materials to give you optimum performance [...]

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Magazine: X3 – May 2014

Check out the latest edition of PaintballX3 Magazine, featuring 108 pages of news products event coverage and more. This issue has complete .. CLICK HERE

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France: Ghost paintball – Big game ELYSIUM

There are a few weeks took place in the south of France, the big game Elysium organized by Ghost Paintball [...]

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Critical Crew Day Paintball Big Game Event #26

Critical Crew Day Paintball Big Game Event #26

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