Virtue VIO

After many months of R&D, Virtue has finally released the VIO. We have been lucky enough to test them on field and see what Virtue have been shouting about.

The big brands such as V-Force and Dye, producing high quality masks, we’re no doubt not looking forward to the release of Virtue’s new product in a near monopoly part of the market. Virtue had already developed a strong brand through their aftermarket boards (which they have ceased producing) and more recently with their loader, the Spire. On first touch, you can immediately feel that the quality of the injected moulded plastics which is similar to the Dye i4′s. The Vio has a slightly longer profile keeping your chin at bay for the horse face people out there. The lenses are again high quality and clear (always good to be able to see on the field), we can tell that they will be long lasting. The strap (for those that use it) is much more comfortable than the i4′s or Proflex’s. The real innovation behind the mask is its quick disassembly to be able to clean it under pressure. It takes no longer then 20 seconds to take it apart. It may take a little longer at first as the clips are brand new and might need some wear to loosen just a little (tip: leave them half way clipped overnight). The comfort, field of vision and clear screen make this a winner. However the choice of customisation is what is really impressive and teams out there looking to mix and match their colours will have no difficulty finding one to suit.


Virtue have created an excellent product on their first attempt. We now play the waiting game and see how the different components will hold up over time. None the less this a great affordable product starting at $145.




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